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Workers Compensation

The monoline worker’s compensation program dates back to 1989 when it was first established as a niche program, primarily for nursing homes. The program has evolved over the years into a unit with the ability to underwrite monoline workers' compensation coverage for numerous industry segments. NAICOMP welcomes the opportunity to review any class of business that is not specifically ineligible for the program. 

Several states have obtained workers’ compensation rate relief and reform which allows NAICOPM to be more competitive on workers’ compensation programs. As a specialty carrier, NAICOMP offers standard lines products with retrospective rating plans and/or large deductibles where costs are largely based on loss results. This allows insureds to manage their losses and better control their total cost of risk. NAICOMP leads the industry in the development of insurance programs that provide smaller companies the opportunity to share in the risk and take responsible deductible retentions.

Preferred Classes of Business
Oil & Gas
Service Industries                             
Supply Companies                             
White Collar Businesse

Coverages offered:

Statutory Workers Compensation
Includes an "All States" endorsement and can include U.S.L. & H. and Maritime coverages (Jones Act) for incidental exposures.
Various deductible plan options available

Employers Liability
100,000/500,000/100,000 limits available
500,000/500,000/500,000 limits available
1,000,000/1,000,000/1,000,000 limits available

Use our agent locator to find an agent and determine if your operations are eligible for coverage under NAICOMP's workers compensation program.  If you are an independent agent interested in a contract, contact the NAICOMP marketing department.