Claims & Loss Control

Claims Administration

NAICOMP has one of the most sophisticated and efficient claims management systems in the insurance industry. We employ more than 45 employees in the claim department and these professionals are ready to assist you with your specific claim needs. Aggressive and timely claims management keeps insureds happy and reduces insurance costs. How to Report a Claim.

Claims administration responsiveness is something NAICOMP takes very seriously. Customers come first and when one has a claim, a well developed system is activated to speed the process of resolving that claim. NAICOMP is always available to answer customer questions and has a legal staff accessible to provide legal advice on any insurance claim matter.

After filing a claim, you will be promptly provided with your own personal claim representative. Their job is to work with you and your agent to control your claim costs. Every aspect of a claim will be discussed. If your claim involves an injured employee (workers compensation coverages), NAICOMP needs prompt claim notification. Your representative will provide every investigative service you may need. If a claim is brought against your company, an in-depth investigation may effectively reduce or eliminate your non-compensable claim costs.

Whether property, liability or workers' comensation, all claims will be dealt with professionally. Prompt and factual information that flows from our customer to NAICOMP is essential. NAICOMP aggressively manages claims to ensure a fair settlement is reached in a timely manner. If the situation dictates courtroom resolution, NAICOMP will present the best possible defense on any claim. Our claims experience and seasoned legal department have the expertise to manage your needs in virtually any state within our nation. NAICOMP encourages your involvement on any questionable claim as we welcome communication of any information to our adjusters that you feel is relevent.

Workers’ Compensation Claim Management

Medical case managers will immediately become active in dealing with all serious workers compensation injuries. Trained professionals work aggressively on your behalf to develop programs that meet your employee's medical needs. NAICOMP manages your medical costs through our case management unit, a medical bill review system, a prior approval medical treatment procedure that facilitates an early return to work program and we utilize over 500,000 PPO organizations. In addition, your injured employees will also have access to a prescription drug program that utilizes over 50,000 pharmacies nationwide. The use of this service is closely monitored to control cost and potential abuse. This is a collaborative effort with a long-term partner of NAICOMP’s, CorVel, who enjoys a large national presence. CorVel is truly a valued partner and offers some of the best claims assistance services in the industry.


NAICOMP is dedicated to thorough claims fraud investigation. Fraudulent claims are dealt with as an important issue within the claim department. A special investigation unit will be activated if fraudulent activity is suspected. NAICOMP will protect you and verify the amount spent on such claims.

Claim Data

As a NAICOMP customer, you will be provided with updated claims information on a regular basis or as often as you request. NAICOMP’s computerized loss analysis system provides printed or electronic summaries of individual claim facts including the loss description, date of loss, amount paid, reserve amount, claim status, your individual cost center and expected total costs on all of your claims. This summary will assist in your insurance cost accounting and is very helpful in budgeting overall operations, work flow, hazard identification and personnel planning. With the help of our loss control specialists, NAICOMP offers assistance in analyzing trends and patterns that may help identify problem areas within your area or specific operations.