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Loss Control and Prevention

An effective loss control program can greatly affect the overall cost of insurance coverage. NAICOMP employs a large loss control staff that will tailor a business-specific and economical safety program to fit your needs. Our programs can help prevent and reduce the impact of losses in your business and help you better control your total cost of risk.

NAICOMP Loss Control Services

Injuries and collisions don't just happen, they are caused. Those causes are typically the same root causes of other operating problems. These problems effect your employees, compromise the quality of your products or services, interrupt your business, create expensive delays, and directly effect your bottom line. NAICOMP's loss control approach is to work with you, as you know your day-to-day operations better than anyone else. NAICOMP will help you identify areas that are causing or likely to cause losses and partner with you to find viable solutions to improve your operations and increase profits.

Causes of loss and subsequent solutions will vary from company to company. To be effective and practical, a loss control program must fit each specific organization. NAICOMP takes a “risk management” approach to achieve results.

First, we evaluate and analyze the operation to assist in identifing hazards along with the existing controls. Next, we analyze past losses to identify trends that may point to problem areas. Then we review policy and operational procedures including hiring, training and supervision and we review and evaluate existing policies such as self-inspection programs, accident investigations and record keeping methods. After familiarizing ourselves with your operating systems and the things that make your company unique, NAICOMP prepares a report for you that outlines our findings. We work with you to develop solutions including an action plan for implementing those solutions. Finally, we will assist you in monitoring results to ensure that the action taken was correct and that operational improvements are working. NAICOMP can also help conduct safety meetings to address specific areas of concern within your organization.

NAICOMP's loss control staff is experienced and trained for multiple business operations to provide solutions to your risk management problems. We offer a video library in conjunction with safety pamphlets on various subjects that are available to all of our valued customers. NAICOMP also has an online technical reference and research system that allows us to stay current on issues that may be impacting your business. NAICOMP emphasizes the concepts of “prevention” and “loss reduction” and can help your company operate safely, efficiently and profitably.

If you are one of our insureds and are interested in obtaining a free video, or if you would like information regarding various industry topics, click on one of the links below to access videos and loss prevention materials.

» Video Library and Loss Prevention Materials
» Safety Video Lending Library Provided by Aurora Pictures

Please note: NAICOMP's loss control efforts are based on observations and/or information available at the time a particular survey is conducted and may not have been made aware of all existing hazards. NAICOMP can not guarantee safety, health, or compliance with any rule or regulation. We can only assist you in fullfilling your responsibility to control accidents.