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Certified Workplace Medical Plan

Effectively Managing Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation
The CWMP focuses on providing quality case management of medical services, lowering workers’ compensation costs up to 15 percent below the Oklahoma State fee schedule with proven savings of over 57 percent.

Corvel CWMP
Through CorVel, NAICOMP can assist employers by providing effective, timely treatment for the patient. CorVel excels by having an effective outcome and a cost‐effective program.

National American Insurance Company has partnered with CorVel Corporation to provide cost effective, appropriate and timely treatment for the injured worker, reducing both medical cost and lost time by facilitating a safe return to work. The purpose of CorVel’s CWMP is to assure quality, cost‐effective medical treatment that is less than NAICOMP’s/CorVel’s normal savings.


  • All medical services are offered in a timely, effective, and convenient manner for the injured employee. Geographically convenient care.
  • Reduction in service costs and utilization while maintaining quality service. Peer review, utilization review and dispute resolution to prevent inappropriate, excessive or medically unnecessary treatment, and exclude participation in the plan by those providers who violate these treatment standards.
  • A dispute resolution procedure requires medical treatment disputes to be resolved within 10 days.
  • Aggressive case management and early return to work program.
  • Authorization for emergency medical treatment by nonplan health care providers.
  • Physicians who agree to comply with all rules, terms, and conditions of the CWMP.

Enhance your workers’ compensation claims services and save additional money by enrolling in CorVel’s CWMP today.


CorVel CWMP Enrollment Form

To find a provider:

For more information contact:
CorVel Corporation
10900 Henfner Pointe Drive, Ste 401
Oklahoma City, OK 73120
(214) 702 ‐ 6835

CompChoice CWMP

The CompCHOICE CWMP provides managed care services specific to workers’ compensation for the benefit of employers and their employees.  General highlights include:

  • Established in 1994
  • Certified by the State of Oklahoma as a Certified Workplace Medical Plan in October 1995
  • Largest and oldest Oklahoma-based Managed Care Company for Workers’ Compensation
  • 15+ Registered Nurse Case Managers
  • 14 Medical Directors from various specialties
  • 55,000+ CWMP enrolled lives
  • SG Risk, an independent Actuarial Consulting firm, concluded that:
    • Overall, the utilization of CompCHOICE CWMP services resulted in a 22% reduction in actual claims costs
    • From an Insurance Carrier’s perspective, the utilization of CompCHOICE services would yield an expected ROI of 150% over the same period which is impacted by lower premiums collected resulting from improved experience modification factors for their insured policyholders
    • Policyholders directly benefit through reduced premiums resulting from their lower experience modification factors

Routine services provided by CompCHOICE include:

  • Aggressive Telephonic and/or Field-based Case Management
  • Access to Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) with 1,600+ Providers in Oklahoma
  • Wrap-around Provider Network with 10,000+ providers in Oklahoma, ensuring coverage in all 77 counties
  • Provider Bill Review
  • Utilization Review, including Dispute Resolution, Peer Review, & Medical Director Review
  • Medication Assessment Program (MAP)

Benefits of CompCHOICE CWMP

  • Aggressive case management savings --- approximate ROI of 3:1
  • Provider discounts and other savings (historically 8% to 10% below W/C Fee Schedule)
  • Aggressive return-to-work program results in significant indemnity savings (historically, CompCHOICE returns injured employees to work 66% faster than the National Average)
  • Proactive case management to coordinate medical care, enhance communication and simplify the treatment process
  • Employer has ability to choose initial care site to direct patient care
  • Injured employees receive quality and timely medical care and may return to work sooner due to the CWMP’s timely appointment scheduling requirements and assistance with aggressive return-to-work programs
  • Convenient initial care sites and provider locations
  • Prompt referrals to specialist as required
  • Reduced need for attorney involvement

To find a provider in the CompCHOICE EPO:

CompCHOICE CWMP enrollment form

To learn more about the CompCHOICE CWMP and its benefits, please contact CompCHOICE at (214) 702-6835, ext. 3866, or (406) 272-3018, ext. 3866, or visit