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NAICOMP Work Comp Customers save more than 55 percent on Texas Work Comp claims

Enrollment in Texas Health Care Network (HCN) required

National American Insurance Company has partnered with CorVel Corporation to offer the best savings possible on Texas Workers Compensation claims. CorVel focuses on providing quality case management of medical services, lowering workers’ compensation costs. Claims processed through the Texas The Texas Health Care Network saved our customers more than 55 percent over claims processed out of network.

Through CorVel, NAICOMP can assist the employers by providing effective, timely treatment for the patient. CorVel excels by having an effective outcome and a costeffective program.

How It Works
  • All medical services are offered in a timely, effective, and convenient manner for the injured employee.
  • Provides adjuster and/or employer the ability to select treating physician for employees
  • Geographically convenient care.
  • Reduction in service costs and utilization while maintaining quality service.
  • Peer review, utilization review and dispute resolution to prevent inappropriate, excessive or medically unnecessary treatment, and exclude participation in the plan by those providers who violate these treatment standards.
  • A dispute resolution procedure requires medical treatment disputes to be resolved quickly.
  • Aggressive case management and early return to work program.
  • Authorization for emergency medical treatment by nonplan health care providers.
  • Physicians who agree to comply with all rules, terms, and conditions of the plan and network guidelines.


Provides cost effective, appropriate and timely treatment for the injured worker, reducing both medical cost and lost time by facilitating a safe return to work.

Sign up and employee notices are required for participation in the programs. To enroll in the program or for more details, complete the Election form and send to or fax to 4052405438.

For more information, contact Tracie LaGere at 214-702-6835, 214-702-6835 or


Texas Health Care Network Election Form

Texas Health Care Network Notice to Employees (English)


Texas Health Care Network Notice to Employees (Spanish)

Texas Health Care Network Employee Acknowledgement Form (English)

Texas Health Care Network Employee Acknowledgement Form (Spanish)