Third Party Services

Accounting Services

Through Chandler Insurance Managers, Inc. (CIMI), we offer diverse accounting services to issuing carriers, brokers, fronting companies, MGA’s, retrocessionaires, reinsurers and other intermediaries. As a sister company to an insurance carrier that handles all of its own in-house accounting needs, CIMI can facilitate virtually any accounting need requested by an operation. We utilize advanced accounting systems to manage claim funds, trust accounts, premium collection and tracking, as well as many other functions required by insurance carriers.

CIMI accounting services include but are not limited to:

  • Premium accounting, reconciliations, collections and reporting of unearned and earned premiums by line of business and by state.
  • Annual Statement preparation and accounting
  • Claims accounting, including check issuance reporting and control
  • Reporting of outstanding reserves, IBNR, paid losses and loss adjustment expense, and claim counts by line of business and by state.

CIMI also offers premium audit services. Although some insurers are aware that it makes good business sense to perform audits to ensure correct premiums were collected versus the exposure incurred, they do not have the resources to properly accomplish this necessary evaluation.  CIMI will verify the correct premium was charged, reported and paid for each risk insured. Our familiarization with rate classifications, experience modifications, discounts and credits, as well as the rules and regulations used to calculate premiums, enables us to develop an audit program to suit each customer's needs.

CIMI assesses each risk through physical audits, telephone audits and/or other audit techniques. Audits are performed by our experienced team of auditors or outside services provided by select auditing companies with whom we know and trust. If this service is rendered for your business, you can trust that the audits performed will be conducted to the highest of standards and will be handled by an experienced team member.